Tuolumne River minimum flow


I was hoping to get some advice on a Tuolumne trip. It’s running at like 700 cfs right now. Is that too low for kayaks? Is it worth the trip up there for 700 cfs? Is it more or less difficult at these low flows?


Yo I just hopped on the T at a similar flow at the beginning of August. The very first put-in rapid or two were a manky affair, but beyond that the rapids were still good fun. I personally wouldn’t recommend it as an overnighter right now, but it makes for a pretty solid day of boating if you can get your shuttle situation dialed.

Overall i think the run may be easier at these flows because there’s not quite so many holes with potential to beat you down. Clavey Falls main line definitely goes, but make sure your boat is straight because you could definitely pin if you’re offline at these flows. My buddy and I opted for the left-side sneak in our long boats. Less stressful and still fun.

Getting to the T is a mission, but I think it was worth it. overall.



Hey thanks for the great response!