Video kayaking Dinkey Creek waterfall section our day 2


Our day 2 all Rapids are in order.


just stumbled upon this. you guys made this look easy! not sure if i would have run some of this even in my heyday! but the most creek boat i ever had was the prijon rockit. i thought for sure john moore time 00:59 was going to be flipped upstream because it didn’t look like you braced/leaned downstream much at all. and i think that was more turbulent/squirrely than you got through it? maybe it’s also the newer creeks boats edges don’t catch?

at 11:50 did said person hit shoulder on rock? i was a thrill seeker but a dangerous safe one. i don’t think i would have run this one!

what was the trip time? was that a drinking water supply pipe at takeout?

really nice production, thanks!

lee theboatpeople admin, not lee arbach.


Yeah that was squirrely water at 00:59 barely made it thru without going over. Wyatt didn’t mention hitting anything at 11:50. We did the trip over 2 days. It takes about 2 hours to hike in and we scouted a bunch since only 2 people had done it once and the rest of the group was the first time. People that know the run have done it in around 4 hours on the water I think. Not sure about that takeout pipe. It may be a pressure relief valve for the hydro project there or augmented streamflow for downstream.



The take out pipe is indeed from a hydro project. Water comes from the north kings, drops over dinkey then goes back uphill to a penstock that supplies the final powerhouse which goes into pine flat reservoir when it’s full, kings river when the lake is down. It’s for pressure relief and they changed the angle of it last year , I’d guess to minimize erosion.

Did the run in three hours on the water a years ago, but honestly it could be done faster, it’s only 6 miles and the last two are fast boogie water.


Where did you put in and take out for this run?

Almost 30 years ago I did a 1st on Upper Upper Dinkey, but this looked like too much at the time…Nice job!!

keith beck


Hey Keith, we put in about 1/2 mile downstream of Ross Crossing and take out at the confluence with the North Kings.


The water spraying out below the penstock is to augment the flow in Dinkey Creek when the creek has low flows in late summer and fall. The extra flow keeps the water temperature low for the fishies. It is a FERC requirement. Why the release is also required during high flow periods when it has no benefit and interferes with kayaking is another matter. My recollection is that since there is no gauge on the creek, FERC can’t reliably tell when the extra flow is needed, so to be safe they require the flow all the time. I have complained about it a bit over the years. At some point we will get PG&E to deflect the water in such a ways as to not interfere with boating that rapid…


This year they put an elbow on the pipe spraying water and you could go left of the spray this year.


Oh good. Our squeeking had some effect.


Ha, now it’s been changed again and is impossible to paddle under/through, the spray is extra intense since changes last year


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