Waka OG for sale- Like New $1250

Boat is in very slightly used, like new condition. This OG has seen 3 runs on class III. Expected scrapes on bottom, no gouges or oil canning and no scrapes on top. Cheaper than new and no tax or shipping costs. Located in the SF Bay Area.

Waka West Coast OG page

How old (manufacture year)?

Is it still Available? I’m interested.

  1. Delivered during Feather Fest

Yes it is still available

Has it been stored indoors? I live between Auburn and Coloma. Any chance you are heading up this way anytime?

It’s stored in a shed. Climate is mild in this area. I do head to the SFA sometimes but heading to BoatSmith this weekend. I work in Martinez.

Bring it up fir a test!
Ill b there!

Sorry but I’m the only one demoing this boat. No more scratches until it’s sold.

Is this boat still for sale? I am interested.

I’ll buy the boat if it is still available. I’m in Tahoe area.

Is this still available?