Want to buy a small or medium play boat


My 14 year old has got the fever and the only cure is more kayaking!

Looking for a used play boat he can grow into with all the new fangled adjustable outfitting built in. It’s been a long time since I’ve shopped for boats, mine is outfitted with closed cell foam glued into place so it’s not something we can share.

Not too picky, but I want a play boat not a creeker or down river boat. He’s about 110 lbs.

Jackson star series has been recommended… what do you have?


I’m selling a wave sport score used, it’s a little banged up but nothing a little wax can’t fix. It’s great for playing and river running, super easy to roll.


Where are you located and how much do ya want for it? Fix with wax? What’s it got? Holes?


Ive got a Kingpin 6.1 that would be perfect for him. not a new boat by any means but can cartwheel surf and spin like a champ. I weigh 125#'s and still can throw it around but as I get older having a harder time staying in a small playboat. Im located in mammoth but about to be on a road trip so could deliver. In Tahoe now for work but can send photos next week when IM home.


937-286-0760 if your interested


I’ll sell for $300 and can throw in wax, it has some scratches but in good condition still. I am in Nevada City


There’s no holes or big scratches, just some scuff marks