Wanted: Jackson Fun 1 for a 40lb kid

Title says it! Excited to provision a young aspiring boater with a boat. These boats are a bit of an outdated design, but I don’t know of any other boats that are suitable for such a light kid to learn a connection to the boat, paddling, edging and rolling. If you know of another model to look for, I’m interested in that too! Thanks!

Take a look on the Reno Craigslist. I think there is a fun one in Incline.


Hey Scott! Thanks for the tip – long time boater, short time boof acount owner, I didn’t configure notifications right so just saw this, and rn there is only a Jackson Fun 1.5. My daughter is about to be 5 and only 40lbs so definitely the small one (Fun 1) for the next couple years.

Thanks for the lookout anyway. Hope your next day on the water is a good one!