Wanted waka stout

Let me know if anyone has a waka stout In good condition. Not interested in any cracked boats. Please and thanks nick

I have a red Waka Stout that I bought this year. It only has 26 days on it and is in great condition, no cracks, no oil canning. I love this boat! You just think where you want to go and it goes! Holds a line well and boofs better then any boat I’ve paddled. The only reason I’m considering parting with it is, I’m heavy on it and can’t, or should I say, don’t want to load it for overnight self sustaining trips that I want to do. I was looking to trade it for a Tuna if I can find one.
If you’re interested, I can send you some pictures and we can go from there. The biggest hurdle if you are interested is the boat is in Wyoming

I’m interested in trading boats. I have a mk1 tuna. It was molded by blisstick kayaks in nz. They shaped the original boat together with waka and molded 100 boats before waka got the mold. The boats is great condition. It’s yellow, has had no cracks or creases. It’s just a little big for me and I’m looking to go to something smaller. Now how to figure out how to get a boat from Wyoming and another from coloma California.


Stankymanky - I’m considering purchasing a Stout. What do you weigh? Trying to figure decide on Stout vs other bigger boats. Did you purchase from Evan in Washington? Did you have to pay sales tax?