Wavesport Project X 56 (medium) for sale--$400obo


I have a project for sale. Its used but still in nice shape. The outfitting is still looking good, and the hull has some scratches but no serious denting or crack or anything like that. Sorry for the lazy picture but its currently stuffed into my parents garage and I didn’t feel like digging it out. Boats in Santa Cruz, but I work on the Tuolumne and I can easily get to the lotus area or have someone bring it there for me so theres some flexibility…




Hello, do you still have this kayak


Hey Denise, responded via email while I was driving earlier…not sure if you got that. The boat is still available but its actually up in Coloma now. I am in santa cruz but if you want to check it out I could easily coordinate some friends to help you do that.


Hello i read just now sorry I would like to see it, where can I see it?


I have it back in santa cruz now. I could get it up to the mountains in the next week or two…where are you located?


Hi, is the boat still available?


Hi, sorry i didn’t answer soon I am located at Awa company actually I work for this one when can you bring, and I can see it


If the boat is in good condition I will buy it I got the money