..?...Where are Meet-ups proposed..?

I’ve been watching the Boof.com PLANNER for a long time now and have seen no evidence that this venue is used for immediate trip-proposal/planning purposes. Immediately following a coastal rain there are no proposals for Putah…or Big Sulphur…or “the Branscom Run”…NOR…do I see boaters seeking fellow-boaters for even an Ocean run. (Yes, I know about BASK…but none of them can “Do The Roll”…) I went over to the Sierra Club RTS site…they do not seem to have any such “immediate trip” posting. Would someone fill me in…where this is happening?
Judd Smith


Are you part of Gold County Paddlers? They have an email list serve which I believe is a $10/year fee. And a Facebook page. They have a lot of members who run rivers and also sea kayak.


Another group is Loma Prieta Paddlers. I suggest joining both groups, they have slight differences in style of group paddling and organization of trips.