WTB and or Demo Waka Gangsta


Looking for a used gangsta. Will pay cash or trade for a season old toro.

Text is best

Nine25 five8four zero6zero1


Hey! How much for the toro, cash? I’ll be in coloma next week. Cheers



Waiting to pick up a new boat before i sell the Toro.


All right! Let me know! Thanks


just curious but isn’t the toro and gangsta veeeerrrry similar design?

Good luck finding anyone with the waka boats. It kills me that no one around here has the waka line up for demo.

FYI… I have the OG if your ever interested in taking it for a spin. I wouldnt mind taking that Toro for a rip down the river as well.


Yeah that’s why i want the gangsta, love the toro but i’m a bit big for it.